Guest Experience and Room Control

Shivoham provides an end-to-end solution to the hospitality industry for problems that are faced on a day to day basis, from checking the status of the meters, occupancy levels, cooling temperature control and an overview of the property.


These are minor things that make a significant difference in the functioning of any hotel. We give a new and fresh face to the guest experience as well as more control to the back office and management of the hotel to function efficiently.

Our goal is to optimize and provide guests with the utmost amount of comfort and convenience, additionally to provide the management with a more controlled and beneficial model of property management.

Climate Experience

Blinds and Lights Automation 

Energy Performance 

Customer Experience through touch Screen 

Ease of Maintenance 

Improved Air Conditioning with AI

Cool less when on Diesel Generators

Automatic Check-In

Minimize Cooling and Heating 

Humidity Control in all Rooms 

Optimize Load on Central Cooling Equipment - No Overload 

Keep Electricity within Pre-booked brackets 

Prioritize cooling in areas where most required