Solid Waste Management 

Our device will track the collection trucks, providing a time bound schedule and routine.

It will allow the authorities to keep track of the amount of garbage collected, the location of collection and the time of disposal.

An application catered to your needs will be provided to keep track of all routes, locations, schedules and timely collection.

Solid waste management is a concerning issue that is growing to become a global problem. Shivoham’s in-house production of this smart bin is the solution to all SWM Waste collection, storage and transport are essential elements of any SWM system and can be major challenges in cities.


Waste collection is the responsibility of the municipal corporations in India, and bins are normally provided for biodegradable and inert waste.


It is  in these bins that we deploy the device for monitoring in. Our product provides an end-to-end solution for solid waste management issues and caters to services like collection, segregation and appropriate environmental disposal.


Effective Monitoring System