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About Shivoham Techno Services 

Shivoham Techno Services Pvt Ltd is a multi-faceted organization that caters to all energy and efficiency solutions through IoT technology, with an environmental approach from implementation to execution. We are an environmentally conscious organization and provide end to end automation solutions based on the concept of IoT for higher efficiency and productivity.


Our Vision

Shivoham Techno Services Pvt Ltd believes in sustainable operations and efficient productivity, which brings us to the technology we conceptualized for industries. We aim to cater to sectors and industries based on the problems they face on a daily basis and provide solutions that are cost-effective, convenient and secure.

Our Mission

Our objective is to essentially bring the industry practises online for a smoother and more effective mannerism of productivity, keeping in mind the multiple factors such as safety, security of data and convenience. We want to build a foundation for our clients that will never stop functioning, regardless of the situation. As we always say, ‘Your problem is our problem’. We want to assure you that we will support and solve your problem at every turn. 


Technology Services Offered 

We provide automation solutions through the concept of IoT, which essentially refers to automating equipment and machinery and bringing the data gathered on a cloud-based platform for easy access, usability and security. We are currently working with renewable energy, power sector, factories and manufacturing units, industrial work and the hospitality sector.

What makes us UNIQUE?

Shivoham builds foundations and takes a holistic approach towards our operations, be it our relationship with clients or our work structure. We ensure that we stand out and make a difference, always.

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Research & Development

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Trust and Foundation:

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Keeping it Green

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Product Basket

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End-to-End Solutions

Our Clientele

We aim and hope to augment a strong sense of trust and faith within our clients. We always ensure to make that extra effort and go that extra mile to assure satisfaction and fulfilment.

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