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ECOLOO’s Award-Winning Solutions are based on the principles of simplicity, scalability, environmental responsibility and economic viability.

Bathroom Toilet

Ecoloo is a patented sustainable toilet for all.
An eco-toilet that offers:

Asset 19Icon_.png

Biological Treatment

Asset 20Icon_.png

Odour Free

Asset 21Icon_.png

Sewage Free

Asset 22Icon_.png

Energy Free

Asset 23Icon_.png

Water Free

Asset 26Icon_.png

Minimal Cleaning

Asset 13Icon_.png

Easy to use

(Install, Uninstall & Maintain)

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Odor free, pathogen free organic fertilizer in liquid form, rich with nutrients 

Asset 25Icon_.png

Disease carrying pathogens are isolated & terminated in the process

Asset 24Icon_.png

No removal of solid waste required 

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