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Predictive Maintenance and Conditioning Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance & Conditional Monitoring of Motors, Solar, Wind and Transformers

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Enging’s distribution transformers condition monitoring solution have several benefits, such as:

  • Monitor the availability and health of distribution transformers

  • Real-time remote monitoring Non-Invasive technology

  • Smart Algorithm with self-learning

  • Direct analysis of electrical variables in an electrical machine

  • Detection of the potential intermittent faults

  • Monitoring of dry transformers (oil-free)

  • Monitoring of unwanted harmonic

  • Independent from physical substances subject to contamination

  • Monitoring of unwanted harmonics

  • Identification of faults at unload and load conditions

  • Detectiond, evaluation and track of the fault evolution

  • Simple and intuitive platform for non-expert users

  • Warning alerts and recommendations


Enging’s distribution transformer condition monitoring solution can be applied to any transformer in an

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Asset 7Icon_.png

Oil & Gas

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Asset 10Icon_.png

Solar Power

Asset 11Icon_.png

Wind Turbine


Asset 4.png


Asset 14Icon_.png


Asset 10Icon_.png

Solar PV

Asset 11Icon_.png

Wind Turbine

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