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Electrical & Power Sector 

Testing and Measuring Equipment for the Power Sector. Our main goal is to
provide solutions to the power sector to avoid service interruption during
grid/network operations


The equipment that they provide helps in assessing the quality and analyzing the condition and status of the equipment. Furthermore, they provide assistance in improving the system life of the machine as well as understand the maintenance status.

Asset 36Icon_.png

Cable Fault Locator 

Asset 37Icon_.png

Transformer Testing & Diagnostic

Asset 38Icon_.png

Oil Dehydration Plant

Asset 39Icon_.png

Circuit Breaker Testing & Diagnostic

Asset 40Icon_.png

Battery Testing Equipment 

Asset 41Icon_.png

Motor/Generator Test Equipment

Asset 42Icon_.png

Relay Testing Solution/Secondary Injection Set

Asset 43Icon_.png

Electrical Safety Tester & Protection

Asset 44Icon_.png

Electrical Essential Tools 

Asset 45Icon_.png

Partial Discharge Detector and Monitoring 

Asset 46Icon_.png

Ground Fault


Asset 47Icon_.png

Insulator and Bushing 

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Sealants and Adhesives  

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