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Anisaver is a unique, state of the art Energy saving device designed to save energy on all Window, Split, Tower, Cassette and ducted and package air conditioner from 1 ton to 20 ton.

Cleaning the Filters


Anisaver’s algorithm optimises the running of the compressor without any alteration to the cooling comfort in the conditioned space.

AC Automation:

Asset 14.png

Enhance Performance

Asset 17.png

Ease of Maintenance

Asset 13.png

Improve Air Conditioning Behaviour with Ai

Asset 15.png

More energy saving on Diesel Generator 



  • Saving up to 40% on your air conditioning energy bill

  • Enisaver version 1 (fits all up to 2-ton cooling load)

  • Enisaver version 2 (fits from 2-20 ton cooling load)

  • Self-learning - no adjustment required

  • Expands the lifetime of the compressor

  • Heps prevent icing of compressor

  • Eco-friendly, it reduces carbon footprint 

Shivoham provides an end-to-end solution to the hospitality industry for problems that are faced on a day to day basis, from checking the status of the meters, occupancy levels, cooling temperature control and an overview of the property.

Maintenance and Warranty:

Artboard 1 copy 17_3x.png

Enisaver is fail-safe

Artboard 1 copy 16_3x.png

No moving parts inside

Artboard 1 copy 14_3x.png

BIC replacement warranty

Artboard 1 copy 13_3x.png


Artboard 1 copy 15_3x.png

Flashing LED lights for control status

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