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Shivoham envisions the Hospitality world to be a platform where technological advances make your stay easier, more ergonomic and automated for better quality of living while you sit back and enjoy your time at the hotel. We look forward to enhance your overall experience by providing you with convenient and effortless methods to customize your stay on your terms. 

We believe in solidifying the guest-hotel relationship by bringing together the wants of the guests and the need of the hotel on one platform to enhance their experience and your efficiency. From controlling the room as required to keeping a check on the mechanisms present, we at Shivoham provide a range of technology that magnifies the comfort and satisfaction of the guest. 

Our approach is minimal and green. We aim to satisfy guests in the best way possible, with advanced technology that caters to the needs and requirements of the guests and conserves energy, without financially draining you.

We at Shivoham offer an array of products and technology that cater to the hospitality sector and provide services that help reduce and limit the consumption of power and electricity to relieve the environment and the bills.


Smart consumption leading to Green Energy. 

Bringing your data online. Cloud-based functionality made easy. 

Increased Efficiency Environmentally.



Our Journey. Our Technology. Our Partners. 

Our Journey

Shivoham began with an objective to provide services with extended benefits.


Improvising on guest experience using advanced technology with the added advantage of conserving energy and finances for a more efficient output. 


We wish to create the platform we have envisioned with updated technology that preserves energy and efficacy.  


Our Technology

Our technology at Shivoham essentially works on a cloud that caters to the hospitality sector for energy consumption and increased efficiency.


With an advanced automation arrangement and easy access to equipment, we provide an unmatched collaboration that leads to reduced consumption of power.


It does not only help in reduced consumption and increased conservation but also decreases the amount financially, with an additional advantage of providing efficient and effortless services to the guests. 

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Shivoham Techno Services Pvt Ltd, 

Office No. 882-883, 8th Floor, Aggarwal Millennium Tower 2
Netaji Shubhash Place,

Pitampura, Delhi - 110034

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