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Solution to future problems
Shivoham Techno Services

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The Company

About Shivoham Techno Services

Shivoham Techno Services Pvt Ltd is a multi-faceted organization that caters to all energy and efficiency solutions through IoT technology, Industry 4.0 approach for a better future.

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Our Vision

Shivoham Techno Services Pvt Ltd believes in sustainable operations and efficient productivity, which brings us to the technology we conceptualized for industries.

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Smart Consumption Leading to Green Energy. 

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Increased Efficiency Environmentally.

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Cloud-based functionality made easy.


The Technology that makes us different

Our technology at Shivoham essentially works on a cloud that caters to the hospitality sector for energy consumption and increased efficiency.   With an advanced automation arrangement and easy access to equipment, we provide an unmatched collaboration that leads to reduced consumption of power.   It does not only help in reduced consumption and increased conservation but also decreases the amount financially, with an additional advantage of providing efficient and effortless services to the guests.

Our Partners

We have collaborated with various international and national organizations, who are excelling in their fields, we aim to amalgamate our strengths and work towards success.

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